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We take the time to understand who you are, what you stand for and your target market. We work collaboratively with you to create poignant, targeted and successful graphic design campaigns for any medium or platform.

Your values, positioning and narrative should be reflected through every aspect of communication creating trust and confidence. We bring all these elements together through the graphic design process. Shape, composition, colour palette, typography and imagery come to together to create visual communication. If you’re looking for Graphic Design in Brisbane, we’d love to work with you.


Our Brisbane Graphic Design Services include:

Brochures & Flyers

If you require promotional material, point of sale flyers or brochure design in Brisbane we’ve got you covered.

Our brochure design and flyer design services include concept development, graphic design and construction, photography, print management and distribution. We can make paper stock and special finish recommendations along with embellishments like die-cutting, foiling and embossing based on your project, budget, and the final intended use of the product.

Whether your flyer is an informational piece, or a promotional one, Ignition will ensure that we design your brochure or flyer to perfectly capture and engage your target audience.

Flyers float down from the sky
A medley of logos Ignition has designed

Brand development

Our branding and graphic design process ensure your brand articulates exactly who you are and resonates with your target audience. Your Brisbane brand development team will craft a unique and powerful identity for your brand.

Logo design

Your logo is an important and crucial component of your branding. Often it is an introduction to your brand. It needs to be poignant, individual and make an impression. As a Brisbane leading logo design studio, we’ll ensure you stand tall.

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Clear, concise messaging combined with engaging copy and imagery entices customers.

Advertising material is an extension of your brand, while selling a service or product. Beautifully crafted, visually strong advertising builds and emotional connection with your audience.

A strong call to action encourages an immediate response letting your audience know what to do. Partner with Ignition Creative as your Brisbane Advertising Agency.

An annual report with infographics

Annual Reports

A well designed and crafted Annual Report not only informs stakeholders, it is a valuable marketing tool that showcases your success, visually communicates your brand and future aspirations.

We ensure your Annual Report design meets all statutory and regulatory requirements. Clear concise, easy to find information combined with engaging infographics create a powerful brand and advertising publication.

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Magazines & Periodical Design

Layout, composition and typography are key to creating an engaging, easy to read publication.

Every magazine, newsletter and periodical have different audiences, content and tone. While the overall look and feel for every publication are different, understanding legibly and readability so the reader can easily comprehend content is and not get lost in rivers of text is imperative.

Every magazine design aspect is considered decision. If you need magazine design, newsletter design or publication design, Ignition Creative can help.

Website Design

An online presence is imperative to reach more customers.

A well crafted website establishes credibility and builds trust. It must look exceptional, reflect your brand, be intuitive and easy to navigate. Having a great website design is only one component of a successful online presence. It must be built technically correct. Responsive design, fast load speeds, search engine optomised (SEO), site architecture and navigation etc. If you’re looking for website design in Brisbane we’d love to chat.

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Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Initial Brief

We understand the importance of getting the brief right and working to it.

We focus on defining and clearly articulating what’s required from a graphic design perspective before commencing graphic design work. Once we know the who, what, where, when and why we ensure your creative tone, message, aesthetic style and personality aligns to it.


What do we need for the project and what are the deliverables?

We ensure all components required for the project are known and when they will be needed. We discuss the best way to present tables information, copy and options to engage and entice your target audience. Roles and responsibilities for all parties, timelines and deadlines defined and the project scheduled into the studio.

Concept Stage

Initial concepts are developed, informed by your graphic design brief.

Depending on the project this could be a single concept, multiple concepts or key project elements or graphics. An Annual Report graphic design concept would include a cover along with single and double page spreads. Infographic styles and photographic treatment would be included. Initial proposed colour palettes, typography and layout will be proposed.

Initial concepts will include possible alternate suggestions if we feel certain elements may benefit from being presented in a different format or manner to enhance legibility or ease of understanding information. Hierarchy of information is considered ensuring the visual prompts on the page lead the viewer through the information in the desired order. This is achieved through the crafted use of typography, font weights, colours, highlights, space, placement and composition of the page.

We go through the proposed concepts with you, discuss your feedback to ensure we are both on the same page and you are completely happy with the concepts before commencing the graphic design concept.

Design and construction

The approved concept, look and feel is incorporated throughout the project ensuring it is on brand, message and positioning.

Infographics are designed and built, all photography digitally enhanced to ensure consistent colour balance, brightness and contrast throughout the project.

Any photographic imagery built, supporting graphic elements are crafted and incorporated into the design.

For larger publications, we will get stuck in to building the remaining pages in the document based on the approved concept style. Some documents (such as annual reports, yearbooks, or corporate publications) can be hundreds of pages long, so we always present you with a timeframe so you know when your final proof will be ready. Any additional infographics are created at this stage.

We check back in with you with any questions that we have along the way, as well as keeping you updated with project and delivery timeframes.

Proofing & Revisions

We make proofing your projects easy.

Ignition Creative’s online digital proofing system is a creative collaborative platform with discussion tools, simple easy to use mark-up tools, uploading of content and imagery, and proof version comparison. Invite, share and receive feedback from your internal stakeholders as an administrator before submitting your final feedback.

Depending on the size of the project, you may receive 1 initial complete proof or multiple proofed sections as each stage as completed. This would have been defined in the initial planning stage.


Once you are 100% happy and the final proof is approved, we will prepare final files ready for delivery.

We can provide a final print ready file or print manage any project, including mail distribution, publications, billboards, packaging and signwriting.

We also provide PRESS ready advertisements to publications globally. If digital files are required, we can upload or supply digital assets in the required file format. Publish the project online or supply production-ready files to a third party.


Industries we support

Retail Advertising

If you need retail advertising and graphic design, we can help.

Adverting campaign development to point of sale flyers and brochures, competitions, catalogues, posters, print and mail distribution, press advertising, internal display advertising, hoarding, window signage, way signage. Some of the organisations we are proud to work with are Savills, QIC, Retail First, Emporio, IGA, Asahi, Merlo Coffee, Leda.


Clean, minimalist, concise and on message, these are key elements of graphic design for government.

Whether it’s a professional interactive strategic presentation, for the Queensland Police Commissioner to present, Street Flags throughout Brisbane’s CBD as part of the ANZAC day campaign or Uniform and wardrobe standards catalogue for every employee within Queensland State Emergency Services, Ignition has a proven track record of exceptional corporate government graphic design.


In an industry of earth, metal and fire, a strong brand in the mining sector, whether B2B or customer facing is imperative.

A strong brand articulated through every communication builds trust and defines values. Your brand must be a balance of environmental and industry.
Professionally designed marketing communications not only tell people what you do, how and why you do it, it also positions your organisation, informs and creates recall.


Professional communication at every touchpoint requires professional graphic design.

Engaging parents, stakeholders and the community with consistent, clear and concise messaging not only informs, but reinforces brand values. Whether is an upcoming event, education brochure, magazine, yearbook, prospectus or digital marketing campaign we’ll ensure every visual communication is relevant, engaging and edifying.

Accounting & Legal

Confidence, Trust and Certainty are reflected in every project we craft.

Every Accounting Graphic Design and Legal Graphic Design communication, whether printed or digital must reassure your client. Consistent professional on brand design creates familiarity and trust.

If your practice wants to raise its profile, reassure existing clients, or entice new ones, we can help.


We understand SME’s. As a small or medium-sized enterprise, letting customers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them is crucial.

Every facet of your graphic design should position, strengthen present your enterprise as superior to your competitors. Brochure design, flyer design, point of sale design or marketing material design, we ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Overview of graphic design services

  • Brochure design
  • Packaging design
  • Signage design
  • Catalogue design
  • Photographic and digital manipulation
  • Vehicle wraps design
  • Magazine and publications design
  • Annual Report design
  • Prospectus design
  • Letterhead design
  • Flyer design
  • Business card design
  • Poster design
  • Billboard design
  • Website design
  • Yearbook design
  • Infographic Design
  • Icon Design
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Style Guide Design
  • and more

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