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Collaborative design for professional brands.

When it comes to your business and organisation, your values, positioning and story should absolutely shine. This creates trust, confidence and loyalty in your potential clients. And helps you to drive brand awareness and recognition.

Professional graphic design services can help you achieve incredible awareness and positioning. That means you’ll be better able to help your clients solve their problems or achieve their dreams.

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Professional Graphic Design Services Brisbane

Our professional Brisbane graphic design services are conceptualised to help you elevate your business and marketing. To begin, we take the time to understand who you are and what you stand for. We then look at your target market. Finally, we collaborate with you to create targeted and successful marketing campaigns for any medium or platform.

Our graphic design process

Our graphic design process harnesses the power of shape, composition, colour, typography, imagery and text to create a persuasive visual communication. This can be utilised to elevate and position your brand across all your marketing mediums.

Whether you want a single suite of promotional material, or a full redesign of all your collateral, if you’re looking for graphic design in Brisbane, we’d love to work with you.


Brochures & Flyers

  • promotional material
  • point-of-sale flyers
  • brochure design

Design services include:

  • concept development
  • graphic design and construction
  • photography
  • print management
  • distribution
  • Recommendations for paper stock, special finishes and embellishments, such as die-cutting, foiling and embossing

All our work is based around your project’s budget, and the final intended use of the product. Whether your brochure or flyer is for information or promotion, Ignition will craft it to engage your target audience.

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logo designs

Brand Development

Our branding and graphic design services ensure your brand says exactly who you are while resonating with your target audience.

Your Brisbane graphic design brand development team will craft a unique and powerful identity for your product or service.

Logo Design

Your logo is a crucial component of your branding. Often it’s an introduction to your brand. It needs to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate, scalable and as effective in colour as in black and white.

As a leading Brisbane logo design studio, we’ll ensure your messages stand out.

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Advertising material is an extension of your brand. Beautifully crafted, visually strong advertising builds an emotional connection with your audience to sell your service or product. And when done will, it will entice your customers with clear, concise messaging, engaging copy and focused imagery.

A strong call to action, letting your audience know exactly what to do next, encourages an immediate response.

Partner with Ignition Creative as your Brisbane advertising agency.

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annual report with infographics

Annual Reports

Your annual report fulfils your legal obligations and strategically informs your stakeholders. But it can also be a valuable marketing tool that showcases your successes, positions your brand and visually communicates your brand and aspirations.

Our Brisbane graphic design team can integrate clear, concise, user-friendly information with engaging infographics to create a powerful brand and advertising publication that will give you the results that you’re looking for.

Find out more about annual reports

Magazines & Periodical Design

Layout, composition, typography and convincing copy are the keys to creating an engaging, easy-to-read publication.

Of course, each magazine, newsletter and periodical has a different audience, requiring different content and tone. But while the overall look and feel for each publication is never the same, the need for legibility and readability is. And the ingredients that make a compelling read are as well.

Every aspect of magazine design involves a considered decision. Working together we’ll help you navigate these decisions effortlessly to produce a professional, elevated design worthy of your brand.

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robertson o'gorman website mockup

Website Design

Your online presence is incredibly important. A well-crafted website helps you reach more customers. It establishes credibility and builds trust. And it elevates your brand’s professionalism. So it must look exceptional, reflect your brand, be intuitive to use and simple to navigate.

But having a great looking website is only one component of your online presence. It must also be built correctly. This means responsive design, fast load-speeds, search-engine optimisation (SEO) and best practice site architecture and navigation.

Our expert Brisbane website design team can ensure these elements are working in sync so that your website will give you optimum results.

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Initial Brief

You know the importance of getting the brief right and then working to it. So do we.

Before starting your graphic design work, we define and clearly articulate what’s required for this part of your project. And we get your agreement.

Once we know the who, what, where, when and why, we make sure your creative tone, message, aesthetic style and personality align with it.


What is needed for your project and what will the finished project look like?

We find out exactly what components are needed for your project, and when.

We discuss with you the best way to present tabled information, copy and any other elements needed to attract your target audience.

Together we’ll define the roles and responsibilities for all parties, and set timelines and deadlines. Then we schedule your project into the studio.


Some documents can be hundreds of pages long. Think of annual reports, yearbooks, coffee-table books or corporate publications.

So, early on, you’ll receive a timeframe for delivery of your final proof. Any additional infographics are created at this stage.

During your project, you’ll hear from us regularly with any questions that arise, as well as keeping you updated with progress.


At this stage our graphic design Brisbane team will develop initial concepts, based on the brief you give us.

Depending on the project, this brief could be for a single concept, multiple concepts or simply key project elements or graphics.

For instance, an annual report calls for a cover, single- and double-page spreads, as well as supportive infographics and photography. We’ll also suggest and discuss colour palettes, typography and layout.

If we feel certain elements would benefit from being presented in a different way to help readability or for ease of understanding, we let you know. And you decide.

We also study the hierarchy of your information to ensure the visual prompts on the page will lead your viewer logically through the information.

Careful use of typography, font weights, colours, highlights, space, placement and composition of the page all help.

We take you through the proposed concepts, then review your feedback to ensure we understand each other.

Once we’re sure you’re completely happy with your concepts, then we’ll move on to the next stage.

Design & Construction

At this stage, our graphic design Brisbane team will ensure your approved concept, look and feel are absorbed into your project. Together we’ll confirm it’s on-brand, on-message and correctly positioned.

Elements of this stage include:

  • infographics designed and built
  • all photography digitally enhanced to ensure a consistent colour balance, brightness and contrast
  • any necessary photographic imagery built
  • any further supporting graphic elements crafted and incorporated into the design

For larger publications, we then build the remaining pages in your document, based on your approved concept style.

Proofing & Revisions

Like most of us, we know you’re busy working in your business. So, we make proofing your projects effortless with our online digital proofing system.

This collaborative platform features:

  • discussion tools
  • simple, easy-to-use mark-up tools
  • tools to upload content and imagery
  • version compare tools

This platform allows you to invite, share and receive feedback from your internal stakeholders as an administrator, before submitting your final feedback.

Depending on the size of the project, you may receive one initial complete proof, or multiple proofed sections as each stage finishes. We’d explain this in our initial planning stage.

Print and Delivery

Once you’re 100% happy with your final proof, we then prepare final files to deliver to you.

We can provide a final print-ready file or manage any print project. This includes:

  • mail distribution
  • publications
  • billboards
  • packaging
  • signwriting

We can also prepare press-ready advertisements for publications here in Brisbane, nationwide and even internationally.

If digital files are required, we will:

  • upload or supply them in the required format
  • publish the project online
  • supply production-ready files to a third party



Want retail advertising and graphic design?

We develop advertising campaigns for:

  • point-of-sale flyers and brochures
  • competitions
  • catalogues
  • posters
  • print and mail distribution
  • press advertising
  • internal display advertising
  • hoarding
  • window signage
  • way-finding signage

Some of the organisations our graphic design Brisbane team are proud to work with are Savills (Brisbane real estate agency), Queensland Investment Corporation, Retail First Pty Ltd (retail and commercial property services), Emporio Bar at Emporium, IGA Supermarkets, Asahi Breweries, Merlo Coffee and Leda Security Products Pty Ltd.

Include links to the client or industry pages as appropriate.


Clean, minimalist, concise and on-message — they’re the key elements of graphic design for government communications.

Ignition Creative has a proven track record of exceptional graphic design for corporate government. This includes:

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A strong brand in the mining sector — whether B2B or customer-facing — is imperative.

Every single message needs to build trust and define values. Especially in an industry that involves earth, fire and metal on a large scale.

Professionally designed marketing communications position your organisation by telling people what you do, and how and why you do it.

Mining rebrand case study


Effective communication in this essential field demands professional graphic design at every touchpoint.

When you engage parents, stakeholders and the community with consistent, clear and concise messaging you not only inform them but also reinforce your brand values.

Whether you have an upcoming event, or need an education brochure, magazine, yearbook, prospectus or digital marketing campaign, we’ll ensure every visual communication is relevant, engaging and edifying.

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Accounting & Legal

In the sensitive fields of money and legal rights, every project we conceptualise for you must inspire confidence, trust and certainty.

Whether printed or digital, your messaging must be designed to reassure your client. Consistent, professional, on-brand design produces both familiarity and trust.

If your accounting or legal practice wants to raise its profile, reassure existing clients or entice new ones, we can help.

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

When you have an SME, letting customers know how you can help them is crucial.

Every facet of each of your messages should position you as the preferred solution to your potential clients’ problems, and present your enterprise as superior to your competitors’.

Our graphic design Brisbane team will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Together we’ll design brochures, flyers, point-of-sale messages or marketing material that showcase your brand and convince your readers to take the next step.

Overview of Graphic Design Services Brisbane

  • brochure design
  • packaging design
  • signage design
  • catalogue design
  • photographic and digital manipulation
  • vehicle wraps design
  • magazine and publications design
  • annual report design
  • prospectus design
  • letterhead design
  • flyer design
  • business card design
  • poster design
  • billboard design
  • website design
  • yearbook design
  • infographic design
  • icon design
  • logo design
  • logo style guide design
  • and more

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