Design Project Management

Well crafted, strategic graphic design is the backbone for any visual communication. But as a business owner, you know it isn’t a simple process. You need a wide array of resources and elements to seamlessly bring together to create a cohesive story and create an engaging visual communication.

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Design Project Management Brisbane

Our project management Brisbane team is here to help you create your visual communication no matter where you are in Australia (or beyond). From an online presentation or interactive pdf to a professionally printed branding piece on speciality paper with embossing, foiling and die-cutting, we have the experience and know how to bring all the pieces together.

How it works

As with any project, you can have a much or as little control as you wish. We’ll sit down with you at the start of a project and map out what’s required. We take a big picture approach while defining individual project requirements. You can determine what elements you would like to provide and what you would like us to undertake.


Creation of a professional promotional marketing brochure.

Step 1: Copywriting

  • First we acquire expert editors and copywriters (or you can write your own copy from scratch).
  • Next, we work together to determine
  • your key message and how to articulate that. We ensure your tone and positioning is right. So, you can engage in a meaningful way that resonates with your target audience with a call to action.
  • Finally, we copyedit your content whether written by you or another copywriter.

Step 2: Photography

  • First we acquire photographers, props and talent.
  • Next we work on how to reflect your message in your images. We’ll brainstorm and storyboard.
  • Then we produce, art direct and manage photography.
  • Finally we complete the digital editing, composite image creation and image enhancement finalise the picture.

Step 3: Construction (Concept and Graphic Design)

  • In this step we consider your hierarchy of information, composition, graphic design and construction.
  • We highlight key information, strategic use of imagery and secondary brand elements come together with deliberate typographic choices and colour palette.

Step 4: Proofing and final file creation

  • In this step we create your digital and hard copy proofs.
  • Using our proprietary on-line proofing system you can share, check and proof your projects simply and easil
  • After you approve your digital artwork, you’ll have a chance to proof the hardcopy.
  • If required we’ll present press printed proofs on the chosen speciality stock, to ensure you’re 100% happy.

Step 5: Printing

  • Once you’ve given us the green light it’s our Our expert project management Brisbane team will check digital and hard copy proofs as well as physical press checks on the press as your job gets printed.
  • We work with several trusted professional printing companies, all with their own areas of speciality.
  • Whether its offset, digital, label or packaging print production we’ll choose the right printer to suit your specific requirements.

Step 6: Speciality Stock and Finishes

  • In this step you’ll have a chance to consider your specialty stock, tactile finish and embellishments.
  • How your printed product physically feels reinforces your brand and message.
  • Embellishments will enhance any printed material.
  • We’ll recommend and organise samples to reflect your brand.
  • Whether it’s a holographic foil, spot UV varnish, embossing, metallic inks or die-cutting we’ll suggest and manage your project ensuring a product to be proud of.

Step 7: Delivery and Distribution

  • Getting your final product to market is the next stage.
  • We’ll organise freight, mailout and letterbox marketing, including flysheets, collation, plastic wrap, database management and Australia Post lodgement. We work with distribution houses for bulk mail and letterbox drops. We can organise freight Australia wide.

Why Choose Ignition Creative

When it comes to managing the production of your marketing material, our project management Brisbane team will save you time, money, and resources. We have decades of experience in the industry. And we only work with trusted specialists, ensuring their various disciplines dovetail to create visually stunning, engaging marketing material.

Of course, if you wish to manage your production, we are more than happy to provide press ready files to suit your production specifications.

Other Graphic Design Queries?

If you have any other graphic design queries, get in touch. Our expert graphic design team is always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have!