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Your annual report is a valuable marketing tool that highlights your success, visually communicates your brand and future goals. It doesn’t just inform your stakeholders — it’s an integral component of your marketing communications.

You know that your annual report must meet all statutory and regulatory requirements. But it can do so much more for your business!

So make sure it incorporates clear, concise, straightforward information through engaging infographics, clear typography and a logical hierarchy of information.

Ignition Creative has created reports and corporate communications for:

  • government departments, e.g. Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • not-for-profit organisations, e.g. Meals on Wheels, Centacare
  • private industry, e.g. Verbrec, Encompass Mining
  • education, both private and public schools, e.g. education, tertiary, e.g. University of Queensland’s Young Achievers Program Annual Update
  • financial organisations, e.g. Financial Horizons, Pivotal Partners
  • retail, e.g. Savills, Retail First, Muscle Milk
  • small businesses around Queensland and Australia
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University of Queensland Young Achievers Program Annual Update

Annual report services include:

  • project management
  • infographic design
  • icon design
  • layout design
  • photographic treatment
  • and more

Clients we’ve assisted with annual reports, prospectus documents and supporting material

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stage 1 graphic design

Annual Report Design Initial Brief

Together, we discuss and define the criteria for your annual report. These include timelines, scheduling, statutory and essential regulatory requirements such as:

  • general corporate information
  • operating and financial highlights
  • letter to the shareholders from the CEO
  • narrative text, graphics, and photos
  • management’s discussion and analysis
  • financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
stage 2 graphic design


While your brand will inform the backbone of the report, we will work with you to develop your annual report theme. We’ll look at your highlights for the year in review and where your organisation is heading. We’ll work with you to define your theme, tone and personality.

stage 3 graphic design

Concept Development

You will receive two unique concepts to choose from.

Each concept has a cover design and a double-page spread, and explains the proposed infographics, typography styles and colour palette reflecting the chosen theme.

stage 4 graphic design

Design and Construction

At this stage:

  • infographics are designed and built
  • all photography is digitally enhanced to ensure consistent colour balance, brightness and contrast
  • any necessary photographic imagery is built
  • supporting graphic elements are incorporated into the design
stage 5 graphic design

Revision and Proofing

Naturally, you’ll need to invite, share and receive feedback from your internal stakeholders before giving us your final feedback.

Ignition Creative’s online digital proofing system is a collaborative platform with discussion tools, plus simple, easy-to-use mark-up tools and a facility for proof-version comparison.

Once you’re completely happy, we can manage the details of printing your annual report for you.
This can include sourcing and incorporating speciality stocks, plus embellishments such as foiling, embossing and die-cutting.

stage 6 graphic design


If you wish, we also manage the distribution of your annual report to your stakeholders.

If you require final press-ready PDFs or digital files for online publication, we can provide those as well.

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