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Awards. Achievements. Events. Wherever you are in Australia, we can showcase your school with our education publications, yearbook designs & visual communications.


A beautifully designed school yearbook or magazine is more than a poignant student keepsake. It plays a vital role in your school’s visual communication and marketing portfolio.

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As local Brisbane yearbook designers, our goal is to help your school shine. And a professionally and strategically designed publication will position your school or college as the school of choice.

Conscious font choices, clever use of space, ideal imagery and page composition, subtle colour variations and supporting graphics – these lead to a product that doesn’t just give information, but articulates your content visually, engaging your audience on multiple levels.

Your bespoke publication will not just share your school’s personality, values and positioning, but will also subconsciously inform and influence each reader’s perception of your school. For the better.

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Why partner with Ignition Creative?

We’ve been privileged to work with schools, universities and colleges for over 30 years creating unique education publications and yearbook designs. Each time our goal is the same. To work with you to design an engaging and meaningful end product.

Together we’ll devise a beautiful item that resonates with your students and school community and showcases your incredible school.

Over 30 years’ experience creating publications and school yearbook designs.

A dedicated project team. You liaise directly with the art director and senior designer working on your publication.

You can have as little or as much control as you want in a project.

Locally designed. Everything is created and built in Brisbane. No design or print is sent overseas unless you directly request that we do so.

Support from concept to delivery. We are a full-service design and print one stop shop. If you want just print ready files once the artwork is approved we can do that too. It’s up to you.

Easy and seamless. Complete project management, production timelines and scheduling gives you peace of mind and a seamless end result.

Simple and easy-to-use online collaborative proofing system. Invite, share, include and manage stakeholders’ markups and edits.

Your school shines – let’s make sure the world sees it.

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Our Education Design Services include:

Project Planning

Timelines, roles and responsibilities

  • Together we’ll go through your brief, scope out your project and create a critical path for project management. We’ll make sure that we understand what’s needed and when so that we can meet your deadlines and create your desired outcomes.
  • We’ll work with you to develop your publication theme. This will create the unique tone of your publication.
  • We’ll define the production elements as required, including storyboarding, photography, copy-editing etc., so that the process is seamless for you.

Concept, design and construction

The creative stage

  • Once we have our road map and production theme we’ll start crafting your publication keeping in mind your goals, your vision and the best way to showcase your school.
  • You’ll receive two separate concepts for consideration. Each one will include a cover, a double page spread and a highlight or specialty page.
  • As soon as we’ve agreed on your publication design, we’ll start designing and crafting your full publication.

Easy Online Proofing

Collaborative review process

  • Every project includes two full rounds of corrections/revisions.
  • Our online proofing system helps you to easily and quickly deliver simple, clear and concise edits for everyone’s review and implementation.
  • Multiple people can easily be invited to each proof, and can easily add comments, markups, and attach new imagery directly in the proofing system. This makes collating comments a breeze.
  • If you’re the decision maker on the proof you can veto, authorise or discuss contributors’ comments before submitting changes.
  • All proofs and edits are tracked and timestamped.

image editing animation

Photography and image editing

Adding visuals to your perfect story

  • Working together we can conceptualise fantastic photographic images to convey your message.
  • We can arrange a photoshoot, storyboard and provide art direction.
  • For all images, we can undertake image colour correction. This ensures that images from multiple sources (class photography, school cameras, submitted imagery from parents) looks consistent and professional throughout publication.
  • We also provide high-end image alteration and editing. This allows you to create custom compositions combining multiple images to create a scene.
  • If you need image retouching, editing, deep etching (cut out) or correction (straighten that tie, tuck in that shirt, add or remove elements), our skilled photo editors can ensure you get a professional result.

Print and delivery

The right tactile paper finish, weight and embellishments tell their own story and show your school in the best light

  • As Brisbane yearbook design and publication experts, we have over 40 years of print management experience.
  • We’ll suggest paper types, weights and embellishments to reflect the tone of your publication. It’s the icing on the cake.
  • We’ll suggest special finishes to make your project stand out. This includes foils, emboss, die-cut etc.
  • We’ll conduct final press checks before sending each job off to print. And undertake additional printing press checks on site for larger jobs. This ensures the optimal reproduction result for your project and gives you peace of mind.
  • We work with the best printing companies, each with their own area of specialty. Our insider knowledge means we can recommend the one that best suits your publication and needs.
  • We have access to trade rates. So, you’ll get you the best possible price.
  • We’ll help you access direct mail and distribution options through local mail houses (including shrink wrapping and flysheet insertion if required).


Our Education Design Team can assist you
with a variety of projects including:


School yearbook design and print services:

  • Content and project management
  • Yearbook scheduling and timelines
  • Digital image correction
  • Easy to use on-line collaborative proofing system


School photoshoot services:

  • Full shot list development in collaboration with the Creative Director
  • Creative direction on the day of shoot
  • Hair and makeup included, if required
  • Final editing of imagery, including retouching and combining of multiple images to create perfect shot


School magazine design and print services:

  • Theme development
  • Concept development for individual articles based on content, imagery and messaging
  • Considered hierarchy, and pull out/highlighted information
  • Complex image editing, colour balance and treatment, including deep-etch, illustration and collage layout
  • Full print management, quality control, distribution and delivery

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school prospectus design

Prospectus & Strategic Plans

Prospectus and strategic plans design and print services:

  • Theme and concept development
  • Consistent brand representation
  • Creation of engaging infographics, tables and graphs from supplied data
  • Photography services including shot list development and production, art direction, digital editing and image creation
  • Specialty print finishes

Annual Reports

Annual reports design and print services:

  • Project management
  • Data gathering including identifying milestones and critical events
  • Theming and data representation through iconography, infographics, tables and charts
  • Regulatory and report guidelines compliance management


Promotional Material

We offer a variety of design services for your school’s promotional material.

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Booklets for programs or events
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Billboards and vehicle signage
  • Social media assets
  • Parent information booklet design
  • Logo, icon and infographic design
  • Full print management, quality control, distribution and delivery
  • Stationery including business cards, letterheads, with compliments
  • Pull up banners and poster design
  • Website design

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