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Cookie-cutter solutions. Big box store branding. Done-it-all-before design. None of this should apply to your brand. Your brand needs high impact, engaging messages, every aspect of which will capture your identity, and excite and connect with your target audience.

Who We Are

At Ignition we’re a team of highly-experienced creative designers. As a full-service Brisbane design agency we specialise in brandingvisual identityadvertisingwebsite design, graphic design and even photography and brand publications.

With 30 years of experience under our belts, we have one goal only – to support you as you ignite your brand, embracing your bold ideas and cutting-edge innovations.

We collaborate so you can create.

Looking for a creative advertising and design agency in Brisbane for your print, web and digital applications?

Ask us! From brand development, logo design and corporate identity to retail, business-to-business and promotional campaigns — we’ll make your business stand out from the crowd.



“The level of customer service & quality of work produced by Ignition is fantastic & I am always more than satisfied with the end result. I found particularly the attention to detail, quality of work and quick turnaround was second to none.”

Merlo Coffee

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Advertising, brand development, graphic design, and more. As a Brisbane-based creative design agency we’re ready to support you.

At Ignition Creative, each of our services is a “complete service”. That means it includes full project management. You retain creative control and decision making, while we manage the taxing details of getting your project done on time and with exemplary outcomes.

From campaign start to finish, we carry out and monitor the project planning, photography, graphic design, print management and digital production for you.

Graphic Design

This service brings together the many elements needed to produce a cohesive visual message. We establish tone, brand and positioning through colour, composition, shape, form and typography.

This is vital to tell your story across any medium. And it’s an outstanding way to embed into your audience’s minds on multiple levels building brand awareness and engendering trust and loyalty.

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Here we craft your voice, personality and identity. A robust brand defines your values, tells the world who you are and leaves a lasting, trustworthy impression.

This could mean refreshing your old, tired logo or creating an entirely new vision that will perfectly position your new company. That’s all part of branding.

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Publication Design

A well-designed publication reflects and encapsulates your brand. It conveys your messaging while ensuring that your audience feels aligned and understood. 

How? Your layout will present clear, concise content, while using a hierarchy of information that allows for fast searching. We will also use space intelligently so your message isn’t crowded, and have attractive, supporting infographics and imagery to keep your audience engaged and reading.

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Web Design

Your website is the face of your brand. Together we’ll create a site that provides a simple, intuitive user experience, combined with a bespoke brand-aligned design.

As a design agency our goal is to ensure you get a stunning, visually responsive website built to cutting-edge best practice. This includes SEO-optimisation to target traffic and mobile readiness to make sure it works seamlessly on any device. Together we’ll perfectly tailor your website to show your customer how your business will best solve their problem or fulfil their dream.

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Our Clients

We’re a Brisbane design agency – but we have a global business. Clients contact us from all over the world, from Sydney to Saskatoon.

Brands we’ve helped over the years:

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What our clients are saying


“Ignition was very easy to work with, and certainly understood our ideas and were able to add to these. We will certainly be recommending Ignition to as many people as we can when we have the opportunity.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

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