Last year, we wrote a blog post as a rough guide to using stock photography in advertising and design. This touched on the use of stock photography and creating consistency in purchased imagery.

But is stock photography always the right choice? While professional photography can be a costly, it launches your brand to the next level. We discuss the up and downsides of stock and professional photography below.

Stock Photography.


Have you ever looked at a pamphlet in the mail or a website and thought “I’ve seen that image somewhere before…”? You most likely have. While stock photography can be affordable, it is often at the cost of originality.

Stock image uploads are fueled by popularity, and new images are created each day to appeal to existing demands. You’ve seen these images before — office scenarios, people swiping at non-existant computer screens in the air, people doing air jumps, the list goes on… These scenarios lack originality and can alienate your customer. Bad stock imagery can cause the viewer to question your credibility and honesty, and begin to doubt your service. That being said, there is “good” stock photography out there — it just takes a little bit more time to source.

At Ignition, the most important thing we need to know is “what do you want to image to say”? Try to steer away from using specific scenarios and instead describe the feelings and emotions you are trying to convey. We will spend the time to source a stock photo that meets these needs. We make sure to avoid what’s “popular” and instead focus on the details and authenticity of the image.



Professional Photoshoot.


Depending on what is required at Ignition Creative we feel this is the best option. While it can be expensive, you can shoot exactly what you need, no one else will be using your images and you have complete control over every aspect of the images.

There are many different ways to manage a photoshoot. At Ignition, we sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve from an emotive aspect and then look at the most economical way to achieve the desired result. It is best initially not to start with the actual photograph in mind but what you want the image to say. There will be a multitude of ways to achieve it from the people used, location, shot composition, depth of field etc. There will be a list of “hero” shots, but generally on a shoot we will encourage and direct the photographer to take “incidentals” as well.

The costs involved in holding a photoshoot are items such as location (does a venue need hiring?), talent (do you need paid talent or do you have your own model?), props, hair and make-up, wardrobe, number of shots etc. These will be itemised in the quote received, and can be tailored to suit your budget. Aspects can be added and removed to suit your cost and timeframes.

While the idea of hiring a professional photographer can sound expensive, the long-term benefits of using custom photographs featuring your company, employees and stakeholders long outweighs the initial cost of the images themselves.

Have a question about our process or would like to discuss a photoshoot you require? Feel free to give us a call today on 3397 0008 or email us directly.



Burnie Brae Logo

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Burnie Brae is a not for profit community organisation that provides health, social, and support services to over 50s. They approached Ignition Creative to produce a marketing campaign for them that included a professional photoshoot.

Burnie Brae understood the benefits of using original imagery in order to stand out in the marketplace, and were prepared to invest in order to stand out from their competitors. The images above are some final stills from their shoot.


There are many options when it comes to choosing imagery for your project. Ask us today about the many options available. We will work with you to achieve the best result for your project, taking in to consideration your timeline, budget, and wishlist.


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