Ignition works with you to refresh your logo or perfectly position your new company.

Ignition specialises in logo and brand development. We can re-position or refresh an existing brand through to developing a completely new company name, logo and brand or create a full corporate identity. Get in touch to discuss your new brand, or ask us how we can update and refine your existing brand.

Ask about our brand packages, or explore our branding process below.

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Logo design process

First steps

We believe a logo should be immediately recognisable, inspire trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. It is an important part of a brand – an instant association with the company. Simplicity is important – too busy is too hard to recognize, and the impact is lost. Shapes, colours, fonts, and images should set your brand apart from others in a similar market. We create logos and brands that help your business stand out in your market.

All our logo designs are tailored to perfectly meet your requirements. To understand your target market and positioning, we will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your brand. Using our unique and proven briefing process, we will ask the right questions to set creative goals to fulfill your needs.


We conduct thorough market research, analysing your competitors, your target market and your brand’s position in the marketplace. This information shapes and informs the creative process.


Based on the creative brief we have developed with you, we will begin your logo design. We will develop three logo concepts, from which you will choose one. We will tweak and adjust this logo design and develop different formats or arrangements to suit different situations – for example, vertical and horizontal.


We build all logos to be highly adaptable and flexible. They can be blown up to any size without losing quality. They can be reproduced in a single colour or at very small sizes and still be recognisable.


We provide you with a package containing your logo in all the necessary file types and formats, perfect for any situation.

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It’s not just enough to have a great logo – your whole brand image must be consistent and attractive. We provide you with a Brand Manual – a guide on how to use your new logo and brand style. This includes important guidelines for your brand’s colours, fonts and imagery, to ensure consistency in the marketplace.

To get you started, we will also design a suite of corporate stationery with your new logo and brand style. This includes a business card, letterhead for both printed and digital applications, and with compliments slip.