Image is everything, especially in the world of design and marketing. A single image can convey complex meaning more efficiently and effectively than words. Because of this, we must choose our images wisely to create a positive first impression.

The Perfect Photo

When choosing the perfect photography for your project, there are a number of things to consider. Carefully consider things such as —

  • Is the subject immediately recognisable? Is it relevant?
  • Do the colours fit with my brand?
  • What kind of emotions does it convey?
  • What is the quality of the image?
  • Is it high enough in resolution for my needs?
  • Where will I be positioning the image?
  • Do I need to allow for floating text space?

So you’ve picked the perfect set of images…

What happens next?

It is important to present images as cohesive material, in order to create the strongest visual impact. Think about the following tactics —

Consistency —

Make sure your images are visually consistent. This can be achieved through the use of colour, graphic application, and even depth of field. It can also help to maintain consistency between highlights, midtones, shadows, and tone (warm or cool) of your images. It is important to create a unified look and feel.

Placement —

Use the way your images have been framed to your advantage. For images with a left focal point, place them on the left side of your document. Try to place images near the content that refers to them.

Image as frame —

You can use images to frame content such as quotes. By placing quotes in the empty space of an image, you can decrease dead space in a document.

Using Stock Photography

There are certain stock photography clichés. Shaking hands, the infamous business huddle, and the happy family (none of whom are related) to name a few.

What’s our favourite, we hear you ask? Definitely “Women laughing alone with salad”.

While the thought of a woman having such fun alone with salad is ridiculous, believe it or not it will have a purpose somewhere. Even the most absurd image (eg. woman giving birth to a pineapple) will be the end of someone’s perfect image search.


Some Useful Resources

At Ignition, we recognise how important images are to a design project. We work with you to choose the most appropriate imagery for your project. There are a number of stock image websites. Here are some of our favourites —

iStock Photo

iStock is an incredibly useful resource for finding stock images. Everything from illustration, to photography, to video is available, and easily searchable by key words. iStock allows the user to filter images by copy space available, shape, colour, and much more.

Getty Images

Getty Images contains millions of creative stock images as well as editorial photography available for public purchase.